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As a portfolio manager, Tormont Group provides an excellent collection of growth companies with high levels of accessibility. New opportunities are quickly identified, and communication with management is made easy. There is no platform in Canada comparable to that which Tormont offers.

Chris King
Portfolio Manager,
Morgan, Meighen & Associates

Our experience working with the Tormont Group has been nothing short of exceptional. Their report coverage is distilled in an investor-friendly, comprehensive manner that allows for efficient opportunity assessment and follow-up. The introductions made between our Company and potential investors/institutions have resulted in solid lead generation.

Alison Silva
CEO Critical Outcome Technologies (COT-TSXv)

Tormont has been very good at identifying and assessing early stage growth Companies before they get on the Radar of larger investment banks – and buying value in the growth world

John Bell
Onbelay Capital

New Leaders

Member companies are focused on new technologies, innovation, and disruption.

Strategy & Innovations

Our member companies present compelling growth opportunities with identifiers which include but are not limited to



undervaluation relative to peers


new and innovative/disruptive technologies or methods


management/board evolution

Upcoming Events

 which could drive value appreciation and any other feature which would enable a multiple increase in market cap over the next 6-18 months.

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