Today we will be looking at how search engine optimization can affect a business both positively and negatively. Before we go ahead it is necessary that we remind ourselves what SEO means and what it stands for.


Virtually every serious business has a website and SE stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION which is just the act that involves affecting the visibility of a business website on a web search engine like, yandex and Bing. Optimizing a website for SEO is a way of making it appear first on the search engine before any other website for a particular keyword for which it is ranked. The higher or better optimized a website is , the greater chances of generating a great revenue from users who will eventually turn to customers.
Since we all have a clue of what SEO stands for now, the next question seems to be how does this affect any business? Well the answer is as follows;


Increased visibility: day to day people are busy browsing through Google to see if they can find answers to their problem, most answers which business owners can give to them. Most of them are looking for business that offers various kind of services which they need, like the business in the health sector, agricultural and technological l sectors etc. At this point of their search SEO come to play for a business website that is well optimized .When a user types on Google health, any well optimized business offering health services will pop up first and I can bet that the for every visit to the well optimized website will in one way or the other turn to a customer. The visibility of a business cannot be over emphasized therefore it is important that any business seeks for the services of a SEO experts to increase the visibility of his business as the success of such business depends partly on it.
First come first serve: This rule of nature also applies in business and SEO too. The first in everything we do in life get the best out of that which he is doing so also to a well optimized business, that occupies the first position on the search engine have more chances of getting customers that any website that comes after them maybe occupying the second of the fourth position.
Coming first as a result of SEO optimization puts you at the center of attraction to all who might need your services. A scenario in the market best describes this, the first food store at the entrance of the marketplace makes moiré sales than any other, and this is because the first person that enters the market has to meet him/her first before getting to others. I will say since SEO is free and converts better than paid advert I will say it is the king.


From the two major points I listed above are all the reasons why any business that wants to stand the taste of time should consider SEO optimization. NO doubts SEO contributes to more than 40% of the success of a business and should be given serious consideration id the success of such business is at heart.